10/28/2017 - Second page of the new chapter is up!

10/14/2017 - Final page of the prologue is up! That means anyone who has been with us since the beginning, new content is coming soon!

9/23/2017 - New page is up! Only three more pages left in this chapter.

9/16/2017 - Apologize for the later than usual upload, but we were at a convention for a local convention for most of the day. Had an awesome time, thirteenth page is up now though.

9/2/2017 - Eleventh page is up. Only six more pages until this chapter is done!

8/19/2017 - Ninth page is up, and Travis Cowan finally speaks!

8/5/2017 - Seventh page is up!

7/29/2017 - Sixth page is up, steadily getting back through the redone pages!

6/23/2017 - We're back! New first page is up, all the pages are done so expect an update every weekend!

Updating every Saturday!

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